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Wiki@HKUL is a place for YOU to SHARE!

One might consider it effectively as an FAQ, but there is more to it. It is the HKUL knowledgebase for you to explore the Libraries and to share your thoughts and experience. The initial content of this knowledgebase has been drawn from the Libraries’ FAQ enriched with user enquiries. Such questions range from library services, such as online renewals, to information search, such as finding a particular e-Book.

With the adoption of the wiki technology, you can participate in the building up this knowledgebase. Go through the Nanohints for Wiki@HKUL below. In no time you will become one of our wiki contributors!

Nanohints for Wiki@HKUL

1. Log in to Wiki@ HKUL (Duration 0:44)

2. Creating a wiki page (Duration 0.33)

3. Creating headings and subheadings (Duration 1:40)

4. Formatting text (Duration 2:03)

5. Creating a web link (Duration 2:05)

6. Embedding an image (Duration 1:30)

Note: To ensure data authenticity, pages related to library policies, such as loan quota, are marked protected and can only be edited by library staff.